Nebraska’s closed primary system can be tricky to navigate for voters who aren’t registered with a political party. We want to provide information relevant to Independent voters as they request their ballots for the upcoming 2024 primaries on May 14th.

Only political party members are able to vote for those partisan offices, unless the party decides to open their ballot. The Nebraska Democratic Party opened their partisan ballot in 2014 and will continue to in 2024. The Nebraska Republican Party does not feature an open partisan ballot.

Here are the examples choices available to you, depending on your registration:

If you are registered as an Independent but would like to vote in a political party’s primary, you have several options. You can request a partisan ballot from one of the parties that opens their ballot to Independent voters at the ballot box on Election Day.

April 26th- Deadline to change registration online, by mail, by agent, at the DMV or other agencies that process voter registration.

May 3rd- Last day to change registration in-person at your local Election Office.

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